Creating a Graphic Design Portfolio

Oh hey! So this is awkard. I'm too lazy to design a page for my designs. But I swear I've made some design things and stuff.

Posted by Ryan Heavican on January 2, 2017

Although I’ve been interested in visual art and design since high school, it wasn’t until relatively recently that I began creating my own graphic design work.

Prior to this, graphic designers seemed like magicians who could manipulate software into beautiful contemporary design.

Of course no magic is needed to produce good looking graphics, only some inquisitiveness and creativity. There’s a seemingly endless number of online resources for learning Adobe products. These often free resources make learning design easy if you’re willing to invest a bit of time and effort.

I mainly use Adobe Illustrator when creating graphics. I’ve become comfortable with the program after I’ve become the de facto graphic designers at my current gig. Over the past few years I’ve produced all sorts of stuff on a regular basis including flyers, website mockups, posters, catalogs, logos, and print advertisements.

My initial designs were very basic, obviously. But these designs improved with practice. Take a look at some of my work below.